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Why did we offer you the free advice about protecting your idea?

In order to bring new ideas to market, there has to be a level of trust between the entrepreneur and the consultant. Since you have little information about The November 9th GroupTM at this point, you need to feel comfortable about contact. That comfort level is enhanced by telling you how to protect yourself and your idea by a proven, yet inexpensive, method.

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Why do I need to protect my idea?

There are a lot of scam artists out there waiting to take your money. They are very good at what they do. So do yourself a favor, contact Rip, provide some background info, and then look over the non-disclosure agreement, fill it out, and then mail it to Rip via Certified USPS mail service. In another package, put the description of your idea and details you consider confidential in a short descriptive report or executive summary and mail that to yourself via USPS Certified mail.  After you receive the package you mailed to yourself, do not open it!  Keep it sealed and store it in a safe location.  Then, mail the same thing you mailed yourself to The November 9th Group.  It will be the best postage you ever buy. Once you have done all that, schedule an appointment (free) with Rip to discuss your idea in detail.  Remember, this first appointment and evaluation is free of any charge.

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Why call The November 9th GroupTM for help?

The November 9th GroupTM is a network of trusted professionals. It includes a business lawyer, a CPA, a patent attorney, an ISP owner, a software engineer, a successful inventor, a whole bunch of vendors in the US, construction firms, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, government contacts, medical professionals, military experts, an advertising guru, and a few PR pros that are counted as trustworthy. There is much that the group can help you with in terms of putting you in contact with the right people to make your idea make money.

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What does this cost?

You are right, we don't work for free, but first let me explain how it does work. In return for helping CEO Rip Kirby, his trusted agents demand that ideas brought to them have been fully vetted. In order words, if Rip thinks your idea can make money, he'll let it in the network...if not, sorry, but it didn't work out. This is in stark contrast to many promotion and development firms that tell you your idea is wonderful as long as you keep paying their fees. When you run out of money, your idea is suddenly terrible!

It is important to understand that Rip does not charge advance fees...however, services that you request to be done may carry some cost into the process...especially if it is a service that you could do but choose not to for some reason (no time, no expertise, no access, etc.) and for those tasks, a sliding scale applies that ranges from $25 to $250 an hour based on the task, the time involved, and final product desired. Please remember that your initial telephone consultation is always free.

Eventually, if your idea has merit and gets funded, the members of the group will receive fees or equity positions as negotiated through all interested parties. Depending on how the deal is structured, your idea may come to life as a licensed production process that generates royalties to you or some production process over which you have total control. Until the idea is vetted and refined, this part of the deal is a big unknown. Please understand one point...members of November 9th are seeking a profit and make business decisions based on profit potential, not charitable action. If you are interested in making your idea profitable, then give us a call.

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Who is Rip Kirby?

Rip is a private business consultant with a wide variety of skills ranging from patent research and writing to advertising, promotion, and sales expertise. In the middle is a strong science and analytical background gained from a BS in Geology, an MS in Aeronautical Science, and a private pilot's license. Throw in 23 years as an Air Force navigator along with various staff positions including the Joint Staff at the Pentagon as a warfare policy planner and executive officer and you get a very diverse and professional skill set. With more than 500 hours of computer training courses, he has a diverse background in computer knowledge gained from over 25 years of hands-on experience ranging from large main frame operations to laptops and hand held devices. Rip has produced music videos and multi-media presentations, written editorial columns for local newspapers and internet web sites, and done newspaper layout and graphic art work for a 44 page newspaper tabloid while acting as editor, proofer, and desktop publisher for a 2500 member veterans’ fraternal organization. He builds and maintains relational data bases for e-commerce efforts along with arranging custom solutions for special retail operations via the internet. He has taught mathematics to at-risk children in the Department of Juvenile Justice. He is pursuing a second Masters and a Doctorate in Geology with a specialty in Coastal Geology and is currently on sabatical from that effort to focus on a critical need for nontoxic methodologies for petroleum hydrocarbon pollution response efforts. In short, Rip is a renaissance man with a problem solving attitude.

If you have a challenging business problem, you should get Rip on your team. Rip can be trusted to give you honest advice...what would you expect from an Eagle Scout who has previously held a Top Secret SCI security clearance, and been a past member of Rotary, Kiwanis, and the Elks organizations? If you are looking for a trusted agent with analytical skills or if you need someone who can think well outside the box, then you should call Rip or send him an email at Consultation is free and the advice is always honest.