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Protecting Your Idea!


Free Consultation by phone.

Before you call, please safeguard your idea by following these simple steps.

On a piece of paper or computer file:

1. Outline any questions that you want to ask.

2. Write down a complete description of your idea.

3. Take at least one picture or your idea or prototype if you have one and copy that file to a disk or flash drive so that the date and time of the file creation is encoded as the original file.  Print at least one copy of the image.

4. Put this paper and/or disk in an big envelope (to minimize folded documents) along with the picture and any other original information you think needs protecting and seal the envelope with packing tape over which you can sign your name so that it overlaps onto the paper of the envelope.

5. Take the envelope and mail it to yourself via Certified or Registered Mail through the US Postal Service with confirmed delivery signature service required (meaning you have to sign for it on a green post card that gets mailed back to you).

6. DO NOT OPEN the envelope you received from the mail carrier. Store it in a safe place until the delivery confirmation post card is received. Once the green confirmed delivery post card has been returned to you, take the envelope and the green post card and store these items together. These two items are proof that the contents in the envelope were created prior to the post mark on the envelope and that you had possession of this envelope on the date that you signed the delivery confirmation post card.

7. Now it is relatively safe for you to call me (or anyone else) and discuss your idea in general terms. For highly detailed discussions, see our free non-disclosure document that you can print and use.